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About Us

Our history, mission & vision.

We are the Leader in Remote Access

Remote operations have traditionally been accessible by helicopter, quad or Argo. Clients with extremely remote locations may be dependent upon a limited number of access roads that are susceptible to flooding, landslides, muskeg, or ice and permafrost melt. Factors such as weather, flight logistics and cost, contribute to the need for improved access methods. Competition Well Services Ltd. (CWS) recognizes the growing need for a better solution to access Oil & Gas Production areas in remote locations.

Competition Well Services Ltd. was incorporated in 2000.

Our people and customers are our best assets in continuing to expand our capabilities and our service area within the oilfield.

Competition's goal is to provide first class data to our clients so they can make the best decision possible to reduce their liability, risk and costs.


Jim Cocks

President/Director of Operations

Jim has been Oil and Gas in some capacity for more than 30 years. Beginning his career on a service rig, Jim worked throughout Canada and overseas eventually becoming a Well Site Supervisor. After 16 years of on-site supervision, Jim went onto become the Completions Superintendent for a major multi-national oil company. This extensive field experience uniquely positioned Jim to identify opportunities to improve efficiency in our industry. He founded Competition Well Services in 2000 with the vision that it would be an innovative and agile company, responding to the industry’s needs in real time. Jim is still involved in the day to day field operations of Competition Well Services, and you are just as likely to find him in him on a well site as in the office. In the past 3 years Jim has personally overseen many projects, including the Winter Petroleum Project (2017 ~ 50 wells, associated on-site equipment and flowlines and 80 pipelines) and the Tallgrass Abandonment Project (2018 ~20 wells cut and caps, 30 sites for decommissioning, including flowlines, and 128 pipeline segments for pigging and abandonment).

Jenine Vernda, CRSP/PMP

Director of Business Operations and HSE

Jenine began her Oil and Gas career in 2006, supporting a major multi-national firm’s
drilling, completion and production operations across Western Canada. After spending 6 years in the field, she transferred into the corporate office where she managed several large projects and was responsible for Organizational Learning. She went on to work as a consultant, supporting major petrochemical facilities in Central Alberta. Jenine joined Competition in 2017 and supports the Field Supervisors in managing projects. She is also responsible for Health and Safety and business development. She carries a Canadian Registered Safety Professional and Project Management Professional designation.

Highly Qualified Field Supervisors

Our team of field supervisors is handpicked for their experience and expertise. We rely on our field supervisors to make safe and cost-conscious decisions everyday, and our results speak for themselves. Our field supervisors are trained to address and de-escalate sensitive stakeholders. We continue to report exceptional, ‘triple zero’ safety performance and remain a prime contractor of choice for Alberta’s Orphan Well Association.


At Competition Well Services Ltd., we understand our customers want the best. With our commitment to quality and service our goal is to provide first class data to our clients so they can make the best decision possible to reduce their liability, risk and costs.


Health, Safety and the Environment (HSE) are fundamental practices in our daily business operations at Competition Well Services Ltd. It is a commitment that runs through our entire organization, from our operations in the field to those in the boardroom. It is a commitment that means providing superior performance while ensuring safety and environmental responsibility every step of the way.


CWS can assist in cost reduction, improved safety and personnel protection from severe weather and emergency evacuation. Minimization of traffic on roadways / right-of-ways reduces the carbon footprint and reduces possible vehicle incidents involving local stakeholders, from start-up to completion.

CWS has developed better transportation options capable of handling similar work scopes, with the ability to reach remote destinations with minimal environmental impact. Our specialized Hagglund Tracked Unit (BV 206), capable of handling 4400 lbs with a ground pressure of less than 1.8psi (less than a human step), is the most effective remote access solution available. We can configure our units to accommodate our client's needs and transition efficiently into ongoing or new operations. Please see our Services page for details.